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Recently HK art-market has experienced a deep-rooted revival. This is linked to HK’s integration into international society, to the development of the internal art-market and to the fact that the market has grown more civilized. A plethora of galleries, antique-dealers and art-agents have reared their heads. Collectors and gallery owners organize dozens of international exhibitions, shows and presentations. A considerable number of Chinese & HK artists have become well-known in the West and this has naturally attracted a great deal of attention to the Chinese art-scene.
In these conditions the art market’s existence is completely inconceivable without advanced logistical and transportational infrastructure. It is precisely this infrastructure which companies like ours must seek to establish.
Today it is not hard to find a firm prepared to deliver cargo to any destination in the world. And most of them are willing to transport a class of goods which they know little about – works of art. It is far more difficult to find a company which will do it competently and in accordance with stringent international standards. There are a fair few well-documented instances of works of art being entrusted to amateurs and disappearing en route - or being delivered in such a state that not every restorer would take on the challenge of ‘reviving’ them. Such a state of affairs strikes us as intolerable.
At Premier Fine Art Shipping, we fully understand the value of art and antiques and the specialized handling that they require. We offer a bespoke service to each customer that ensures that proper movement techniques are employed. Through our Preferred Partner Network, we are able to provide worldwide coverage.
Members of our Fine Art team are all highly qualified and experienced in moving a wide variety of regular, unusual and rare artifacts. We take pride in offering our clients state-of-the-art packaging to guarantee that artworks and antiquities are given the proper protection. Our professional packing techniques ensure that the precious antiques are shipped safely.
We are well acquainted not only with the relevant HK & China legislation, but also with other countries’ – with the laws of the U.S. and of E.U., Middle Eastern and Eastern European countries.
All that our clients need to do is contact Premier representatives by phone or email. We do the rest.

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