Abe Construction

Building Materials 17754, Nairobi

Last update: 24/Nov/2011

Anduru Construction

Buildings & Public Works 14925, Nukuru

Last update: 27/Jan/2012

Aquaseal Construction

Buildings & Public Works 78628, Nairobi

Last update: 05/Jul/2014

Crescent Construction

Civil Engineering 49094, Nairobi

Last update: 06/Oct/2011

Tm Am Construction Group Africa

Civil Engineering 18424, Nairobi

Last update: 03/Dec/2012

Vapco Construction

Marble 99093, Mombasa

Last update: 16/Jan/2013

Firoze Construction

Hardware, Public Works & Earthwork 46448, Nairobi

Last update: 21/Oct/2011

Ice Breaker Water

Water, Water Supply, Construction, Road Construction, Drinking Water

P.O. Box 24670-00502, Nairobi, Karen

Do You Need A Truck Load Of Clean Water Delivered To Your Home, Office Premise, Hotel or Construction Site? Call Ice Breaker Water for Express, Relia

Last update: 24/May/2013

Desbro Engineering

Construction Steel 42469, Nairobi

Last update: 06/Oct/2011


Construction Steel 7450, Nairobi

Last update: 19/Oct/2011


Construction Steel 44574, Nairobi

Last update: 22/Dec/2011

Radiant International


10th Floor International House, NAIROBI

Civil Engineering and Building Contractors. Commodity Traders, LPG and Petroleum Products Resellers.

Last update: 12/Jun/2014

12/Jun/2014 | Un utilisateur du InfoGuia | Construction projects are performed on time and earlier than the time stipulated.

Balflex Middle East

Hydraulic Hoses, Hydraulic Fittings, Thermoplastic Hoses, Ptfe Hoses, Qrcs & Valves

POB 282878, Dubai, Al Qouz Industrial Area 3

Number 1 Brand in Fluid Connection Products

Last update: 19/Apr/2014