Image Office Supplies Ltd

Sharp Copiers, Biometrics, Mfp

P O Box 1516, Nairobi, Highridge

We represent the SHARP range of Digital Copiers, Fax, Projectors, Display Panels, Video Walls, ION Generators, Solar Panels, Biometric Time & Attenda

Last update: 06/Jul/2014

Ice Breaker Water

Water, Water Supply, Construction, Road Construction, Drinking Water

P.O. Box 24670-00502, Nairobi, Karen

Do You Need A Truck Load Of Clean Water Delivered To Your Home, Office Premise, Hotel or Construction Site? Call Ice Breaker Water for Express, Relia

Last update: 24/May/2013

Sigma Supplies

Breeding 18138, Nairobi

Last update: 22/Sep/2011

Choice Meat Supply

Slaughterhouses & Meat Roughly 42936, Nairobi

Last update: 29/Apr/2014

Kenya Meat Supply

Slaughterhouses & Meat Roughly 41419, Nairobi

Last update: 18/Oct/2011

Vipingo Meat Supply

Slaughterhouses & Meat Roughly 85434, Mombasa

Last update: 22/Oct/2011

Engineering Supplies

Engines & Pumps 80100, Mombasa

Last update: 27/Sep/2011

Engineering Supplies

Engines & Pumps

, Nairobi

Last update: 27/Sep/2011

Manufacturers & Supplies

Mecanique, Industries 1111, Nairobi

Last update: 13/Feb/2012

Mwadi Equipment Supplies

General Trade 47147, Nairobi

Last update: 08/Nov/2011

African Gas Supplies

Domestic Gas 81156, Mombasa

Last update: 16/Sep/2011

Mombasa Gas Supplies

Domestic Gas 84610, Mombasa

Last update: 23/Oct/2011

International Paper & Board Supplies

Paper, Industries 18810, Nairobi

Last update: 09/Jul/2014

Advatech Office Supplies

Paper Mills, Houses Of T..., Bookshops 13690, Nairobi

Last update: 17/Sep/2012

Bekka Option Supplies

Data Processing 7777, Nairobi

Last update: 13/Oct/2011

Maruti Office Supplies

Office Automation 38908, Nairobi

Last update: 15/Sep/2011

Eureka Office Supplies

Office Furniture 589, Nairobi

Last update: 27/Sep/2011

American Medical Supplies

Hardware, Medical 60659, Nairobi

Last update: 16/Apr/2012

Angelica Medical Supplies

Hardware, Medical 50201, Nairobi

Last update: 22/Sep/2011

Barfield Hospital Supplies

Hardware, Medical 10064, Nairobi

Last update: 03/Dec/2012