Nairobi Painting Company

House Painting, Nairobi Painters, Kenya Painting Company, Painters Nairobi

Ring Road Apartments, Next to Herbatulla Bros, P O, Nairobi, Westlands

We provide interior and exterior painting services for residential and commercial buildings at affordable rates.

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Business Directories

P O Box 47384, Nairobi, Westlands

The Nairobi Business Directory Features A Business Directory, Business Classified and Banner Advertising as Well as the Business Card Billboard.

Last update: 24/May/2013

Nairobi National Parc

Amboseli, Animal Adoption, Nakuru, Arabuko, Aberdare 42076, Nairobi

Last update: 25/Dec/2011

Prestige Taxis Solutions

Taxis, Kenya, Nairobi, Excursions, Vacation

Prestige Plaza, Ngong Road, Nairobi, Ngong Road

Prestige Taxis is the most reliable cab service and rental agency in Nairobi that ensures comfort and safety of the clients. With the fastest servi...

Last update: 13/Jan/2014

Ice Breaker Water

Water, Water Supply, Construction, Road Construction, Drinking Water

P.O. Box 24670-00502, Nairobi, Karen

Do You Need A Truck Load Of Clean Water Delivered To Your Home, Office Premise, Hotel or Construction Site? Call Ice Breaker Water for Express, Relia

Last update: 24/May/2013
Dna Center Kenya

Dna Center Kenya

Paternity Test, Dna Test, Immigration Tests, Dna Lab, Dna Center

Devan Plaza, Westlands Crossway Road, Nairobi, Off Waiyaki Way, 5th Floor Right Wing

DNA Center Kenya provides internationaly accredited DNA tests and pre/after test counseling by professionals. We offer paternity tests, legal tests...

Last update: 12/May/2014

Edant Tours And Safaris

Kenya Tours And Safari Packages, Masai Mara Travel, Kenya Safari Packages, Masai Mara Tours, Lake Nakuru Tours

P.O Box 52088-00200, NBO. Uniafric House 4th Floor, Nairobi, Koinange Street, Nairobi

Kenya Tours and Safari packages, Masai Mara travel and tours, Tanzania Tours and Travel, Uganda Gorilla Trekking Excursion, Rwanda Gorilla…

Last update: 27/Apr/2014

Asp C°

Pvc, Industries, Piping 56038, Nairobi

Last update: 15/Sep/2011

Asp Solar

Solar Energy 18654, Nairobi

Last update: 27/Mar/2012

Acord Nairobi

Nongovernmental Organizations 21722, Nairobi

Last update: 27/Sep/2011

Nairobi Flour Mills

Flour Mills 46395, Nairobi

Last update: 23/May/2014

Nairobi Cycle Mart

Spares, Bicycles & Motor Bikes 41208, Nairobi

Last update: 30/Sep/2011

Nairobi Elevator Services

Elevators 69978, Nairobi

Last update: 27/Oct/2011

Nairobi Botanica

Parks & Gardens 16718, Nairobi

Last update: 09/Nov/2011

Jetro Nairobi

Rural Development & Urbain 59739, Nairobi

Last update: 21/Sep/2011

Nairobi Projectors Services

Hardware & Production, Audio-Visual 75832, Nairobi

Last update: 22/Oct/2012

Nairobi Power Engineers

Ingenierie, Electricity 51293, Nairobi

Last update: 25/Jan/2013

Nairobi Ironmongers

Water, Processing 43521, Nairobi

Last update: 23/Jun/2014

Nairobi Soap

Soap Factories 59307, Nairobi

Last update: 26/Sep/2011

Wireless Innovations Nairobi

Radiocommunication 76658, Nairobi

Last update: 15/Sep/2011