Phone Numbers with the (587) 257- Prefix

Area code:587 area code
Usage:Wireless Numbers
Carrier:Telus Mobility
Current time:6:12pm
All Cities Served:Lethbridge, AB
All Zip Codes Served:

Most Searched Phone Numbers

Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
587-257-9729 Sep 2017 Canada
587-257-2729 Sep 2017 India
587-257-4215 Nov 2017 California
587-257-7122 Nov 2017 India
587-257-1825 May 2017 India
587-257-1313 Jul 2017 Canada
587-257-6168 Jul 2017 Canada
587-257-3502 Jul 2017 Canada
587-257-9107 Feb 2017 Serbia
587-257-4692 Feb 2017 Canada
587-257-3377 Apr 2017 Connecticut
587-257-0758 Apr 2017 Arizona
587-257-7956 Sep 2016 Canada
587-257-8160 Sep 2016 Canada
587-257-1835 Sep 2016 Mexico
587-257-0535 Oct 2016 India
587-257-7577 May 2016 Colombia
587-257-3222 Mar 2016
587-257-8157 Mar 2016 Bangladesh
Telephone Search Date Search Location(s)
587-257-2298 Jul 2016 Canada
587-257-7036 Jul 2016 India
587-257-3852 Jan 2016 Michigan
587-257-9285 Aug 2016 Canada
587-257-4999 Aug 2016 Canada
587-257-4151 Aug 2016 Croatia
587-257-0101 Sep 2015 India
587-257-8063 Sep 2015 Canada
587-257-7700 Oct 2015 Canada
587-257-9262 Nov 2015 El Salvador
587-257-9216 May 2015 Canada
587-257-8780 Jun 2015 Canada
587-257-8127 Jun 2015 Canada
587-257-7257 Jul 2015 Canada
587-257-8756 Feb 2015 United States
587-257-9005 Dec 2015 Canada
587-257-0021 Aug 2015 Philippines
587-257-0043 Sep 2010

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Lethbridge, AB

Lethbridge (pronounced /ˈlɛθbrɪdʒ/) is a city in the province of Alberta, Canada, and the largest city in southern Alberta. It is Alberta's fourth-largest city by population after Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer, and the third-largest by area after Calgary and Edmonton. The nearby Canadian Rockies contribute to the city's cool summers, mild winters, and windy climate. Lethbridge lies southeast of Calgary on the Oldman River.

Lethbridge is the commercial, financial, transportation and industrial centre of southern Alberta. The city's economy developed from drift mining for coal in the late 19th century and agriculture in the early 20th century. Half of the workforce is employed in the health, education, retail and hospitality sectors, and the top five employers are government-based. The only university in Alberta south of Calgary is in Lethbridge, and two of the three colleges in southern Alberta have campuses in the city. Cultural venues in the city include performing art theatres, museums and sports centres.

Lethbridge, AB description from Wikipedia